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Latest Punjabi Videos Top 20 Songs (24hours)


Album: Tichran

Artists: Justin Preet,Mista Baaz

Duration: 3:36

Views: 1193



Album: Snapchat

Artists: Jassi Gill

Duration: 3:36

Views: 2764



Album: Backbone

Artists: Hardy Sandhu

Duration: 3:29

Views: 45503


Desi Girls Do It Better Raool

Album: Desi Girls Do It Better Raool

Artists: Jaz Dhami

Duration: 3:27

Views: 1586


No Make Up

Album: No Make Up

Artists: Bilal Saeed,Bohemia

Duration: 3:32

Views: 2896


Angreji Wali Madam

Album: Angreji Wali Madam

Artists: Kulwinder Billa

Duration: 4:41

Views: 18341



Album: Rotian

Artists: Sarthi K

Duration: 5:10

Views: 1125


Choorhey Wali Bahh

Album: Choorhey Wali Bahh

Artists: Mankirt Aulakh,Parmish Verma

Duration: 3:32

Views: 4707


Long Braid

Album: Long Braid

Artists: Khaab

Duration: 3:45

Views: 2260


Hunde Ni Purane

Album: Hunde Ni Purane

Artists: Aagaaz

Duration: 3:38

Views: 73129


3 Salan Da Pyar

Album: 3 Salan Da Pyar

Artists: Balraj

Duration: 4:4

Views: 20613


Pet Love

Album: Pet Love

Artists: Shivjot

Duration: 3:16

Views: 1676



Album: Pasand

Artists: Miss Pooja

Duration: 3:16

Views: 1703


Tere Bina Reprised

Album: Tere Bina Reprised

Artists: Harrdy Sandhu

Duration: 3:5

Views: 2508



Album: Shikwa

Artists: Mani Dhillon,Sukh E

Duration: 4:4

Views: 29512


Jadon Houli Jahe

Album: Jadon Houli Jahe

Artists: Sufi Sparrows

Duration: 3:35

Views: 692


Naughty Munda

Album: Naughty Munda

Artists: Mehtab Virk

Duration: 4:51

Views: 4710



Album: Depend

Artists: Joban Sekhon

Duration: 3:26

Views: 622


Girl Do I Want You

Album: Girl Do I Want You

Artists: Sarmad Qadeer,Roach Killa

Duration: 4:23

Views: 1335


Jattan Da Putt Mada Ho Gya

Album: Jattan Da Putt Mada Ho Gya

Artists: Ninja

Duration: 3:44

Views: 7616

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