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DJ Waaleya

Album: Arjan

Artists: Nimrat Khaira

Duration: 1:49

Views: 2475



Album: Jhumke

Artists: Jassi Gill,Babbal Rai,Nimrat Khaira Sargi

Duration: 2:55

Views: 11482


Rohab Rakhdi

Album: Rohab Rakhdi

Artists: Nimrat Khaira

Duration: 4:16

Views: 11796


Taan Vi Changa Lagda

Album: Taan Vi Changa Lagda

Artists: Nimrat Khaira

Duration: 4:24

Views: 5147


Salute Wajde

Album: Salute Wajde

Artists: Nimrat Khaira

Duration: 3:0

Views: 9088


Sp De Rank Wargi

Album: Sp De Rank Wargi

Artists: Nimrat Khaira,Parmish Verma

Duration: 3:13

Views: 7469


Ishq Kacheri

Album: Ishq Kacheri

Artists: Nimrat Khaira

Duration: 4:2

Views: 4315

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